Summary of Juz 26

Ayat: al-Ahqaf 1 – Adh-Dhariyat 30

Surah al-Ahqaf gives warnings to those who deny the truth. When Allah’s punishment comes then neither the sea, nor the dry land can protect. There is a reference in this Surah to the people of ‘Ad and Allah’s punishment for their sins.

Surah Muhammad talks about the real struggle that will take place between the truth and falsehood.  In this struggle the truth will be victorious and the falsehood and its votaries will be utterly defeated.  The separation will take place between those who believe and those who will deny the truth.

Surah al-Fath talks about the moral and physical victory of Islam over the forces of unbelief.  The hypocrites and disbelievers will be disappointed with this victory.


  1. Allah sent down the Qur’an and He has created the heaven and earth. The gods of Shirk have created nothing.  Is there any proof for Shirk? The truth of this revelation is manifest.
  2. The Qur’an verifies the previous revelations.
  3. The fate of ‘Ad.
  4. Warnings to those who deny the truth. A group of Jinn accept the message. Be patient in giving the message of Allah.
  5. Those who believe in Prophet Muhammad their sins are removed and their condition will improve. The opponents of the truth will perish.
  6. Good news for the Believers. The Prophet is asked to pray for the Believers.
  7. The weak hearted and the blind are not able to see the truth.
  8. The real success.  Do not be intimidated, stand firm and struggle for the cause of Allah.
  9. The victory that came through the Treaty of Peace at Hudaibiyah.
  10. The hypocrites and their false excuses.
  11. Allah is pleased with the Believers who are with the Prophet. Allah’s promises for the Believers.
  12. Ultimate triumph of Islam.
  13. Respect of the Prophet. Proper manner of dealing with reports. Relations among the Believers.
  14. Moral and ethical teachings to keep group harmony and solidarity. Relations with groups and tribes. Faith is a favour of Allah to the Believers.
  15. Nature points out to the Resurrection.
  16. Allah is closer to us than our life-vein. The death, the end of the world, and the Resurrection.
  17. The Final judgment.
  18. Falsehood is about to end. The righteous shall be rewarded. The character of the righteous people.
  19. Prophet Ibrahim and his angel visitors.

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