Qur’an Wiki

Qur’an Wiki aims to serve as a central repository of the best data available relating to every Ayat and Surah of the Qur’an. It is a global effort to enhance our understanding of Divine Speech. We seek to build on the understanding and reflections mentioned by the scholars of the past, open it up to the world of today and establish a solid foundation for the Believers of tomorrow.


Key features:

  • Surah overview – Root words, unique root words, chronological order of revelation, names of Prophets mentioned, Surah Index, Timeline, events before/during/after the Surah.
  •  Manuscripts and Inscriptions for every Surah throughout history
  • Dashboard – Graphs and pie-charts
  • Tafsir Zone – Over 25 complete Tafsir
  • Qur’an Dictionary – Over 30 Arabic Dictionaries including Lisan al-Arab, Hans Wehr, Nadwi, Lane’s Lexicon, Mu’jam al-Ishtiqaqi, Mufradat ar Raghib etc. English, Arabic and Urdu dictionaries.
  • Study Zone

“Getting the best out of Qur’an Wiki” Video tutorial covering key features of the site and how to best use the data in a consolidated form.