Love in the Qur’an

Below is a summary of those whom Allah describes He loves and those mentioned whom He does not love.

The Love Allah has for His Slave. Allah loves:

  1. Muhsineen [perfect their worship of Allah]
  2.  Those who spend (Infaq)
  3. Who have Taqwah [God consciousness]
  4. Who control their anger and forgive
  5. Have Sabr [patience] upon obedience.
  6. Have Sabr [patience] in avoiding Sin
  7. Those who have Tawakul [reliance upon Allah]
  8. Those who are  Muqsitoon [uphold and enact justice]
  9. Those making Tawbah [repentence]
  10. Thosewhom are Mutahir [cleansiness]
  11. Those who fight in His path

Those described in the Qur’an whom Allah Almighty does not love:

  1.  Transgressing the boundaries.
  2. Dhalimoon [those who oppress themselves and others]
  3. Those making Fasad [spreading corruption]
  4. Arrogant people
  5.  Those Treacherous
  6. Disbelievers
  7. Those who are over joyous [farah] with their money and this Dunyah

The Love described a person has for other people or things:

  1.  The love a person for his people
  2.  The love a father for his son
  3.  Love for his uncle
  4.  Love a person has for another friend [person]
  5. Love for his wife, family, house,
  6.  Love for wealth.
  7. Love for act of passion
  8. Love for good things-

What a Believer loves:

  1.  Iman [faith]
  2. Cleansiness
  3. Forgiveness [He loves that he to be being forgiven – like Abu Bakr with Mistah]
  4. Victory

What other than the Believers love:

  1. Disbelief [ loving kufr over Iman]
  2.  Being praised for that which they have not done
  3. They would love that Fahishah [immorality] be spread amongst the Believers.
  4. Preferring blindness in faith
  5. Love of this world over the Akhirah [after-life]