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Ramadhan holds many treasures for the Believer. It is a time when one cuts himself off from worldly norms and renews himself to God. He disciplines his mind, heart, hands, feet, tongue and stomach to act only in accordance to that which God loves. In the process, the Believer’s Heart is cleansed and washed to its deepest and most innermost parts not from earthly water but from divine rain – the final revelation – The Qur’an.

We can describe Ramadhan in so many ways, every description only enhancing its beauty;

• It is the month of Mercy where sins are forgiven,
• It is the month of Salvation where people are saved from the Fire,
• It is the month of Bliss where people are granted Jannah,
• It is the month of Victory,

• It is the month of Layl tul Qadr – The Night of Power – the night when the Qur’an was revealed and where the annual decree descends for people.